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Kidepo Valley National Park is popular for the one of a kind natural life species seen in noteworthy numbers in the wild giving the park an understanding to be one of the most extraordinary virgin spots to explore for wildlife in Africa. A Uganda safari to Kidepo guarantees an excellent and genuine compensating social experience where you snatch an opportunity to experience with interesting clans, for example, the incomparable Karamojong. IK clan, the Acholi among others.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Take pleasure in an understanding to partake in a wide scope of exercises that have been sent off for energizing the travel industry experience, for example, untamed life seeing, strolling safaris, Hiking in the contiguous sloping regions, birding among others.

Apoka Tourism Centre

Apoka Tourism Centre is the center for the travel industry experience in Kidepo Valley National Park and gives out assignments for the Apoka Tourism Centre. Apoka has the UWA workplaces of the park where everything guests really do make freedom of each and every travel industry movement in the park. it is as of now that an officer guide is gathered to go along with you on game drive insight as well as strolling safaris in the park. Apoka offer safaris vehicles for recruit particularly trucks that can leased by everything voyagers that don’t have their own vehicle to partake in a game drive insight.

Apoka houses a superb gift shop completely supplied with high quality keepsakes and book. Here you too experience with a scaled down bar very much supplied with cocktails and non-Alcoholic beverages like soft drinks, water among others. The spot is an ideal spot for setting up camp and cooking gas in addition to utensils can be recruited to all voyagers that like to cook themselves.
Apoka is home to both up-market and straightforward spending plan convenience like the UWA spending plan bungalows, Apoka safari stop Luxury, Apoka Rest camp among others. the spot is an ideal spot for game survey, Apoka is dabbed with a synthetic where a variety of natural life assembles to extinguish off its parched and cool off the bothering heat during the hot season.

Kidepo valley and Kanangorok Hot Springs

Kidepo valley is known for the little natural life because of absence of surface water in the area. Notwithstanding, in spite of the above factor, kidepo valley is commendable a drive safari that permits you to partake in the picturesque magnificence of dry waterway with around 50 meters wide and loaded up with white sand and its showers with Borassus palms. Nearby the kidepo valley is the Kanangorok underground aquifers arranged around 11 kilometers from the waterway. As of now snatch an opportunity to see the entrancing mountains past the Frontier.

Narus Valley

The Narus valley is perhaps the most remunerating locale overwhelmed by moving prairie scene encompassed by far off mountains. The Narus valley highlights extremely durable waters all through the year one reason why you experience with noteworthy populaces of natural life around here while on a game contrasted with Kidepo valley. The valley has various game drive trails interfacing with four course circuit permitting you to investigate the Narus valley near the popular Apoka the travel industry focus. Here you meet tremendous quantities of different untamed life, for example, populaces of Lions, crowds of bison, giraffe populace, Oribis, hartebeests, reedbucks, warthogs, elephants among others. cheetahs and panthers can be seen in the park however seldom seen in the park.

It is essential to take note of that, game drive experience is very remunerating at the water opening near the Apoka the travel industry Center and as well as the Narus dam. Appreciate intriguing game drive safaris at these spots during the dry time of the park. without failing to remember the perilous zones of Katuruma Kopjes, Katurum circle offering you an opportunity to appreciate stupendous picturesque magnificence of the north over the Morungule mountain Ranges.

Mount Morungule

The mountain is remains at a rise of around 2750 meters contiguous Narus River which supports the untamed life populaces in the park. The Morungule Mountain separates the southern limit of the park and it is arranged a couple of kilometers from the Apoka Plains in the north east. Get a kick out of a magnificent strolling safari or a fascinating climbing experience to the culmination of the mountain permitting you to investigate Mount Morungule with experienced Ranger guide. The mountain slants is popular home to the great clan of the IK nation which is the littlest gathering in Uganda with a one of a kind fascinating bona fide culture.

Lomej slopes

Kidepo valley national park is one of the ideal spots to appreciate birding in Uganda. Partake in a noteworthy bird seeing experience as well as untamed life seeing at the Lomej Hills. Natural life, for example, the Mountain Reedbuck are striking around this district.

Namamukweny Valley

The valley is one more birders shelter with energizing bird species, for example, the Eastern Paradise Whydah, Abyssinian Roller as well as Green Wood Hoopoe, white peaked Turaco, normal Bulbul among others.

Lonyili Mountain

The mountain lies on the line of Kitgum and Sudan Border. It is overwhelmed by the delightful montane woodlands holding onto invigorating primates, for example, the white and dark colobus monkeys. It is critical to recognize that spot is so remote and streets are in an exceptionally unfortunate condition. Consequently, to investigate this spot you really want to lease a 4×4 solid safari vehicle. Go ahead and contact UWA Offices for any updates about the streets before your drive to the mountain.

Safari Lodges in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo Valley National Park is honored with a variety of exceptional convenience choices where you stay when you take a visit to the astonishing park. Convenience offices range from Luxury, Mid-reach and Budget choices, for example, Apoka Safari Lodge, Nga’Moru Wilderness, Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Simple UWA Cottages, Apoka rest Camp among others offers fantastic accommodation administrations and offices. Upon landing in your booked Lodge, you are invited with well disposed and inviting staff that offers you a superb help happily. Contact our reservation group to help you book a reasonable convenience for your Uganda Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.

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