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We are delighted to welcome to Mount Elgon National Park highlighting the fourth most noteworthy Mountain in East Africa. The recreation area is arranged along the highest point of Mount Elgon which is a wiped out Volcano with an elevation of 4,327 meters high above ocean level. Mountain Elgon possesses an area of around 1279 square kilometers, around 1110 square kilometers segment is arranged Uganda and 169sqaure kilometer segment is in Kenya. Journeying Mount Elgon offers an opportunity to meet with the brilliant beautiful hole covering an area of north of 40 kilometers at the culmination of the mountain and it is adjoined by a progression of rough pinnacles.

Mount Elgon National Park

Major Tourist Activities in Mount Elgon National Park


Get a kick out of a potential chance to appreciate bird watching in Mount Elgon public park. the recreation area is a magnificent objective to appreciate birding particularly to all bird darlings. Mount Elgon is a home to north of 300 bird species that are seen in the optional backwoods save of Kapkwai and thick bush along strolling trail of circle trails taking you to the Cheptui cascade. Here you spot wonderful birds like Chubb’s Cisticola, Baglafecht weaver, dark Kite, African blue Fly-catcher, Cinnamon Bee Eater, Olive and Bronze rested Pigeons, Chinspot Batis among others.

Mountain Hiking

Climbing Mount Elgon offers you an opportunity to partake in the picturesque excellence of the hole lake at the culmination of the Mountain. What’s more, during the traveling experience, snatch an opportunity to see a variety of various untamed life including the astounding primates like monkeys, birdlife and different tree plant species. The strolling trails lead you to old caverns, seeing focuses to the brilliant cascade like the entrancing Sipi falls, among others.

Cultural Experience

Savor the experience of the opportunity to investigate the neighborhood networks in addition to the espresso farmlands near the recreation area, here you get a knowledge to collaborate with the neighborhood individuals more deeply study how espresso is handled into an end result consumed in the different caf├ęs across the worldwide. On the slants of Mount you experience with regularly Arabica espresso developed. It is vital to note Uganda is one of driving nations to deliver best washed Arabic espresso followed by Kenya. This is somewhat to the presence of Mountain Elgon whose condition inclines toward the development of the magnificent money crop.

Snatch an opportunity to investigate the valid and astonishing society of the Bagisu social and verifiable experience particularly when a youthful youth kid being started into grown-up hood where he under goes through teen kid circumcision.

Wildlife Game Drives

On a visit to Mount Elgon National park, you have a potential chance to experience with the woods natural life populaces, for example, Forest Elephants, Waterbucks, Oribi, spotted Hyena, backwoods Buffaloes, Duikers, warthogs, as well as other interesting little vertebrates at the highest point of the Mountain. While traveling you meet with primates, for example, highly contrasting monkeys, blue monkeys, red followed monkeys among others.

Accommodation Facilities in Mount Elgon National Park

On an Uganda visit to Mount Elgon National Park, thoroughly enjoy the extraordinary welcome presented in different convenience cabins, camps and lodgings arranged with in and outside the recreation area. these proposition phenomenal and superb administrations and exemplary offices that equipped to cheer your Uganda safari the ionic Mountain Elgon public park. convenience offices truly do go from upmarket to financial plan cost agreeable choices, for example, Lacem hold up, Sipi River Lodge, Crown’s home Rest Camp, Sipi Fall Resort, Masha inn and Mount Elgon Hotel and Spa among others.

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