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Uncommon types of lovely birds, stunning perspectives on slopes and valleys and thriving scene with remarkable vegetation of moorland and bamboo are a portion of the reasons Rwenzori Mountains National Park is an exemplary climbing safari objective in Africa. Incredibly, it is the third most elevated mountain on the landmass with the most noteworthy pinnacle remaining at 5,109m over the ocean level. Rwenzori Mountains National Park exists to safeguard the most noteworthy pieces of the Rwenzori ranges that are broadly known for saving their delightful icy masses over time yet they are arranged a couple of kilometers from the equator. The park additionally safeguards the lower portions of the mountains covered with lavish rich with more than 70 types of warm blooded animals and around 217 bird species. Otherwise called “Mountains of the Moon”, the snow-covered Rwenzori Mountains are huge and noticeable from a good ways, partake in the dazzling perspectives on the transcending mountains in the Albertine fracture valley.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Tourist Activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The primary tourist activity in Rwenzori Mountains National Park is;


In the event that you a swashbuckler with much love for climbing or anticipating a hiking safari in Uganda, then you’ll clearly have to think about the monster Rwenzori mountains. They offer remarkable a-list traveling and climbing encounters past explorers’ thought process. Arriving at the most noteworthy pinnacle might be demanding for unpracticed climbers however they actually have something to appreciate here as more limited climbs are likewise coordinated to certain pieces of the mountains.
Through Rwenzori Mountaineering Services, we put together for the best climbing safaris on Mountain Rwenzori. Whether you need a self drive visit or a directed safari, we give all the important data about in regards to the excursion remembering different objections for near the park that could make the safari wonderful.

There are two primary paths to the highest point of Mount Stanely to be specific;
The Central circuit trail what begins from Mihunga in Mubuku Valley. It is situated around 22km from Fort Portal-Kasese primary street, north of Kasese town.
The Kilembe trail begins from Kilembe pretty much 20 minutes’ drive from Kasese town. Other path heads are; Bukunguru trailhead and Kazingo trail.
Travelers are educated to convey a number concerning things including comfortable dress, gloves, downpour gear, energy snacks areas of strength for and boots or gumboots. There are doormen for employ incase explorers have weighty gear which they can’t take up to the top.
A ton of fascinating things are experienced and seen during the climb; fabulous perspectives on valleys, gorges, adjoining ranges and the break valley, various cascades, shifting sorts of vegetation like the bamboo woods, primates particularly monkeys and heaps of birds.

Visitors to this area appreciate nature strolls inside the Central circuit to Lake Mahooma and Buraro chimp backwoods. They get a chance to stroll outside the park from the networks of Ruboni and Turaco view for directed woods strolls. Keep the eyes open to recognize each bird, the monkeys and chameleons.


Bird watching in the montane backwoods of the Rwenzori Mountains is perhaps the most exciting encounters vacationer appreciate in this park. A portion of the bird species in the space incorporate the Rwenzori Turaco, sunbirds, Barred long-followed cuckoo, the African long-eared owl, Blue-headed sunbird, Collared Apalis, Golden-winged sunbirds and Barbets among others.
Social encounters: Explore the edges of the encompassing towns with the occupants on the slants of the mountain the Bakonzo. It is typically an extraordinary time finding out about how they do their day to day exercises close by an engaging loud conventional dance.

Accommodation at Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Explorers go through the night prior to the journey in lodges around Kasese, for example, Hotel Margherita, Rwenzori International Hotel, Equator snow lodge, Ruboni Community Camp, Mihunga safari lodge, Rwenzori Turaco view camping area, and Sandton Hotel. When you begin with the climb, evenings are spent in the fundamental asylums at the camps given by Uganda Wildlife Authority concessionaire administrators.

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