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Welcome to the Uganda’s smallest national park and closest to Kampala capital city and Entebbe International Airport. Lake Mburo National Park is one of the very thrilling objections to investigate on an Uganda safari. The park permits you appreciate striking safaris experience, for example, birding safaris, natural life safaris among others that reminds you about a true visit to the Pearl of Africa. The little park covers an area of around 370 square Kilometers and comprises of season and long-lasting bogs, rich acacia tree Valleys, Grassland.

Lake Mburo National Park

Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park permits you to take pleasure in a wide scope of one of a kind entrancing exercises. The park is home to one of a kind untamed life animal categories uncommon to find somewhere else in other national parks, for example, the populaces of Burchell’s Zebras, Elands, Impala pronghorns, Hippos, crowds of Buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, panthers, Jackals, Oribis, Rothchild giraffes, Topis, Reedbucks among others.

Wildlife Game Drives

Both constantly game drives in the park permits you to recognize practically every one of the creatures in the different national parks of the country. With a directed game drive of the UWA officer, get an opportunity to see a variety of noteworthy natural life, for example, the panthers, elephants, African caped bison, Impala Antelopes, Elands, Burchell’s Zebras, nighttime jackals, Rothchild Giraffes among others. 0n a night game drive, the panther rock is an optimal spot to detect the panthers. You too meet for certain hyenas and lions however uncommon in the park. partake in the directed night game drive insight permitting you to recognize creatures that are uncommon and challenging to detect during day time like the panthers, white followed Mongooses, Bush Pigs, Leopards, genets among others.

Bird Watching Experience

Lake Mburo national park has been recorded among the best birding watching objections. Here birding is done along the bogs of Miriti and Warukiri. On a game drive safari or directed national strolls, get an opportunity to experience with energizing bird species, for example, African Gray Hornbill, Black-charged Barbet, emerald Spotted Wood Dove, Nubian Woodpecker, normal Quails, greenwood Hoopoe, white winged songbird, the Rare Shoe Bill Stork among other. Rwonyo camp is one more superb spot for appreciate birding in the park, here you experience with birds like Black Bellied Bustard, Flappet Larks, southern Red Bishop, Rufous chested swallow, yellow-throated Long Claw, among others. Is it safe to say that you are a bird darling? Lake Mburo national park is one of the ideal spots to partake in the birding experience in the park. get in touch with us for the extraordinary involvement with the captivating Pearl of Africa.

Guided Nature Walks

Directed nature strolls through the park permits you to detect different untamed life and birdlife, for example, impala pronghorns, Rothchild Giraffes, Burchell’s Zebras, groups of Buffaloes among others. morning nature strolls allows you an opportunity to appreciate to experience with hippos making a beeline for the water as Hyenas returning to their cave following a night chase. Partake in the Rubanga Forest Walk that is coordinated the UWA and this beginnings from the western shores of Lake Mburo. The Rubanga woodland is an optimal spot to detect a variety of various Forest birds north of 42 species as well as interesting tree species, for example, Acacia, palm, Fig trees, Platycaluz, Markhamia among others. birds spotted here incorporate Narina trogn, Green Pigeon, Double-toothed barbet, Harrier Hawk among others.

Horseback Riding Experience

It is critical to take note of that in Uganda there are just two national parks where you can appreciate Horse Riding experience, for example, lake Mburo national park and along Kabwoya Wildlife save adjoining Lake Albert. In any case, Lake Mburo National is positioned the best spot for horse riding and this opens you to different novel untamed life in the park, for example, modest Elands, Zebras which look recognizable to the pony. With Horse riding get an understanding to draw nearer to different untamed life in the park.

Boat Cruise

The Boat journey insight on Lake Mburo permits you to open the entrancing magnificence of the park. the movement is very remunerating during the dry season in the long periods of June to October, December to February when various creatures assemble around the lake to extinguish off their thirty. Here you experience with untamed life, for example, Populations of Hippos, Crocodiles, elands, African Buffaloes among others. you as well as spot different bird species like; Herons, hammerkops, Malachite Kingfisher, Rufous Long-followed starling, shoebill storks, Fish Eagles, Green-necked Doves among others.

Accommodation Facilities in Lake Mburo National Park

The park is honored with various quantities of magnificent convenience lodges where you can remain when you visit the park. The lodges range from financial plan choices, midrange and extravagance offices offering astounding administrations to all guests. A portion of the convenience lodges incorporate; Manatana Luxury rose camp, Mihingo lodge, Rwonyo Rest camp, Arcadia Cottages, Eagles home lodge, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock among others. To book your safari to Lake Mburo, you can utilize your Tour Operator like us to help you book the right convenience appropriate for safari experience in the park contingent upon your pocket and financial plan.

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