Source of the Nile

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The source of the Nile, alluded to hazily in the ancient writings of Ptolemy, stood as one of the great geographical mysteries of the Victorian Age. This inspired many early explorers who took different expeditions searching for the source of the Biblical Nile. Though a lot of controversy is emerging on the different sources of the Nile, the well known and documented source of the Nile lies in Uganda at Jinja.

This source of Nile was well known by the natives of Buganda and Busoga kingdoms, and the first European to have seen and confirm the presence of the Source of the Nile at Jinja was John Speke.


The Nile River is the world’s second longest river originating from Lake Victoria, the third largest lake in the world. The Nile is about 6400Km long and it was its banks from where world civilization began. The average discharge of the river is 3.1 million litres (680,000 gallons) per second and its high grade rapids make it a world class attraction where white water rafting and kayaking can be taken in Africa.

Up to today, the Source of the Nile remains as one of the most debatable with many countries claiming the presence of the Source of the Nile to be found within their countries. However the fact still exist that the Nile’s Source lies in Lake Victoria and a visit to this point where the Nile starts its 6400km journey remains moving and a wondrous experience. In addition, the Nile downriver from Jinja also offers some superb white water rafting and game fishing. Its crowning glory, however, is Murchison Falls, where the world’s longest river funnels through a narrow fissure in the Rift Escarpment

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