Seese Islands

Friday, 16 December 2011 07:27 administrator

Ssesse islands are an archipelago of 84 islands found in the north west of Lake Victoria. When it comes to serene white sandy beaches, natural rain forests and water wonder world; there is no other place to visit in Uganda except the Ssese Islands. The 84 Islands that make up the Ssese Islands provide more breathtaking experiences of life in Africa’s’ largest lake, Lake Victoria.


The Ssese islands are blessed with over 13 forests, uncountable beaches and over seven hours of sunshine. This makes the Ssese islands the most perfect destination for holiday, honey moons or relaxation retreat.  Traditionally, the Ssese islands revere as the “Islands of the Gods” and one specific island called Bubembe island is regarded to be the home to Mukasa, the spirit believed to be presiding over Lake Victoria. The islands are also a paradise for tourists interested in watching birds. The Ssese islands are blessed with a number of birds which include waterbirds, wetland birds and forest birds.

Your arrival to these unspoiled and beautiful islands will be welcomed by friendly Islanders and colorful wildlife like birds and brilliant butterflies. The sandy beaches are said to be bilharzia free while fishing the tasty Nile Perch and other fish species from the local boats is another wonderful adventure.

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